The beauty at north of Portugal Oporto city . Enjoy one tour to Douro Terraces and douro vineyards

Aktualizace: 31. led 2020

Surely there is not one person amongst us who does not dream of the chance to get away from the city, from the stressful lives we lead caused by children, work schedule and the general hustle and bustle of daily life. As much as we enjoy our day to day lives, a break from our daily routine is important to allow us to recharge our batteries, to face life with new vigour. Away from the stress of the City, the Douro Valley is an ideal place to relax. It is ‘The Tourism of Silence’. This is something sought by generations in ancient monasteries, convents, and cottages, lovingly restored to provide very special destinations for travellers. Everything about the Douro is designed to prevent stress, to be enjoyed at your own pace. One tour offers you great moments to relax, to read a book or simply chill out in the sunshine. As well as enjoying the silence, there are plenty of other activities available to you – visiting wine producers, wine and port tasting, excellent dining opportunities, and even extreme sports. Discover the Douro by road, by boat along the Douro river, by train, or even by aeroplane. The important thing is that the silence is there for you when you need it; to be explored alone or in a group. To view the Douro from the waters edge or from the hill top inspires silence in itself – a silence that we should all experience at least once in our lifetime – a lifetime that is in itself too short.

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